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Closed-end Investment Trust

Name Symbol Yield  
Caldwell U.S. Dividend Advantage Fund UDA.UN 6.22% More
Canadian 50 Advantaged Preferred Share Fund CPF.UN 7.50% More
Canadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund ADC.UN More
Canadian Convertibles Income Plus Fund CCI.UN 10.78% More
Canadian High Income Equity Fund CIQ.UN 6.52% More
Canadian Resources Income Trust RTU.UN 5.66% More
Canadian Utilities & Telecom Income Fund UTE.UN 7.14% More
Canoe EIT Income Fund EIT.UN 10.29% More
Canso Credit Income Fund PBY.UN 4.70% More
Canso Select Opportunities Fund SCW.UN 5.68% More
Citadel Income Fund CTF.UN 3.52% More
COMPASS Income Fund CMZ.UN 5.22% More
Core Canadian Dividend Trust CDD.UN 5.93% More
DDJ High Yield Fund HYB.UN 8.20% More
Diversified Alpha Fund II AFT.UN More
Diversified Preferred Share Trust DPS.UN More
DoubleLine Income Solutions Trust DSL.UN More
DPF India Opportunities Fund DPF.UN More
Dream Hard Asset Alternatives Trust DRA.UN 6.90% More
East Coast Investment Grade Income Fund ECF.UN 6.31% More

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