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Trican Well Service Ltd.
Symbol: TSX: TCW    
Address: Suite 2900, 645 - 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 4G8
Phone: (403) 266-0202
Fax: (403) 237-7716
Contact: Dale Dusterhoft, CEO
Trican Well Service Ltd. has operations in Canada, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Algeria, Norway, Colombia and Saudi Arabia. Trican provides a comprehensive array of specialized products, equipment and services that are used during the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves.

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Financial Results
 Current Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Year Ago Quarter
Jun 30 - 2Q
Revenue (000s) 137,197 32,518
Net Income (000s) 5,859 (65,077)
EPS 0.02 (0.42)
 Current 6 monthsYear Ago 6 months
Revenue (000s) 286,600 132,366
Net Income (000s) (44,298) (44,217)
EPS (0.21) (0.29)

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