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US GDP growth slightly less-slow in Q1
May 26, 2017
It is still the case that GDP growth moderated in Q1, but slightly less than previously reported and with the composition still arguing that the slowdown was more a result of quarterly volatility than a fundamental deterioration in the economic backdrop. It remains the case that slower Q1 growth largely reflected a pullback in the volatile inventory component (now slightly larger than first reported) and a sharp slowing in consumer spending growth (+0.6% now versus +0.3% in the advance estimate) that both look unlikely to be repeated. On balance, data to-date, remains consistent with our expectation that overall GDP growth bounced back to a solid 2.9% rate in Q2 and, combined with further tightening in labour markets, ....     More >>
Weekly Commentary
A New Cool Tool for Canadian Trade - May 25, 2017
By Peter G. Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada
Drowning in data is easy to do in our digital world. Technology has created the ability and the appetite for creating ever-increasing volumes of data. The exponential increase in global trade over the past 30 years has put pressure on statistical agencies to probe ever deeper into the details of import and export movements. Canada is no exception; as a nation with a much higher-than-average dependence on international trade, we have invested heavily in trade-related statistics. For the lay person and analyst alike, the deluge of data can be daunting. How do we sort through it all, and make sense out of it?
Canadian exporters have spoken out on this issue. Our analysis indicates that in spite of the free availability of raw ...     More >>
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