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Investment: Coming Our Way? - Jul 17, 2014
By Peter G. Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada
Surfers agree that catching the right wave is part science, part art – and all-important. The same goes for economic waves. Even big ones can take us by surprise, and winning firms, industries and countries are the ones that correctly anticipate and position themselves to ride the best waves well. Many market-watchers are anticipating the wave of global business investment that usually accompanies a recovery. Is Canada well-positioned to capture the moment?
This time, reading the wave-motion is more challenging than usual. Normally, there are ample signs that the big one is coming along. Typically there is a rise in GDP growth that is followed with anywhere from a six month to a two-year lag in investment growth. That’s because there is normally a lot of spare capacity when the economy finally reboots. This time, the delayed recovery has created an investment reticence that has caused companies to use up that spare ...     More >>

Daily Update (Source: RBC Financial Group)
Canadian May retail sales continue to rise
Jul 23, 2014
- Nominal retail sales in May 2014 rose by 0.7% following an upwardly revised 1.3% gain in April.
- The May increase was led by a 2.5% surge in autos and a 2.0% rise in gasoline station receipts.
- Excluding the auto and gasoline station components, the so called core sales dropped by 0.3% thus retracing a portion of the strong 1.0% surge in April.
- On a volumes basis, overall retail sales rose by 0.4% after a 1.0% jump in April.
- The solid gain in real retail sales in May followed reports last week of robust volume increases in May wholesale trade (2.2%) and manufacturing sales (1.6%). Although most other service categories likely rose at rate closer to a trend increase of 0.2%, this recent data point to monthly gross domestic product (GDP) ....     More >>

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