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India’s Moment - Jul 2, 2015
By Peter G. Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada
Post-crisis views of emerging economies are confusing. Initially they were touted as the engines of the world economy, and that the ‘pivot to Asia’ was the remedy for sluggish growth. Now, they seem to be faltering, and the cracks are being exposed. No longer are they the solution, but are now being called a source of softness. Such diametrically opposed views, and all in a six-year space? If there’s a flaw in the forecasts, it’s succumbing to the urge to isolate economies from the global machine. Clearly the world economies have rocked emerging markets, initially with a positive response, and now with a negative. But if the planet’s high-wire act is coming to an end, giving way to stronger growth, what’s the outlook for emerging markets – and in this case, one of its key monoliths, the Indian sub-continent?
Like most emerging economies, India fared well in the frenzied global growth that preceded the crisis. Its job was to ...     More >>

Daily Update (Source: RBC Financial Group)
Bank of Canada’s Q2 Business Outlook Survey shows modest improvement
Jul 6, 2015
- The balance of opinion on future sales growth bounced back to 8 in the second quarter of 2015 after falling to 4 in the first quarter. As with the spring survey, divergence continued with firms in energy-producing regions being negatively affected by lower oil prices while demand was strengthening for those less exposed to the energy sector.
- The balance of opinion on sales during the past 12 months fell to 12 in the second quarter of 2015 from 25 in the first quarter, thereby indicating that firms saw continued sales growth during the past year although to a lesser extent than in the spring survey.
- The machinery and equipment investment intentions balance rose to 7 from 4 in the first quarter of 2015, thereby indicating firms continued ....     More >>

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