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Last updated: Jan 23, 2015 16:55 EST
SymbolCompany NameLastChange% ChangeVolume
BBD.BBOMBARDIER INC., CL. B, SV2.80+0.03+1.08%9,208,025
YRIYAMANA GOLD INC5.10-0.18-3.41%7,054,293
BBBLACKBERRY LIMITED13.29+0.23+1.76%5,131,345
TXGTOREX GOLD RESOURCES INC1.47-0.05-3.29%5,030,049
LEGLEGACY OIL AND GAS INC1.66+0.07+4.40%4,914,266
BTOB2GOLD CORP.2.52-0.09-3.45%4,714,419
COSCANADIAN OIL SANDS LIMITED7.93+0.22+2.85%4,316,043
MFCMANULIFE FIN20.90+0.31+1.51%3,936,610
ABXBARRICK GOLD CORPORATION15.43-0.44-2.77%3,837,924
SUSUNCOR ENERGY INC.37.34+0.29+0.78%3,785,985
LSGLAKE SHORE GOLD CORP.1.08-0.03-2.70%3,509,334
PWTPENN WEST PETROLEUM LTD.1.90-0.06-3.06%3,494,927
LUNLUNDIN MINING CORP.4.63-0.04-0.86%3,337,202
RYROYAL BANK OF CANADA75.42+0.71+0.95%3,221,448
GGOLDCORP INC29.72-0.31-1.03%3,194,642
TDTORONTO-DOMINION BANK52.42+0.58+1.12%3,039,320
ELDELDORADO GOLD7.04-0.76-9.74%3,032,097
PREPACIFIC RUBIALES ENERGY CORP.3.77+0.02+0.53%3,005,519
KKINROSS GOLD CORP.4.17-0.28-6.29%2,889,914
FMFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD12.67-1.48-10.46%2,861,745
IMGIAMGOLD CORP3.50-0.36-9.33%2,769,074
TCK.BTeck Resources Limited15.48-0.49-3.07%2,758,733
GXIGUESTLOGIX INC.0.58-0.04-6.45%2,631,388
CNQCDN NATURAL RES36.36+0.13+0.36%2,593,425
CPGCRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP.30.46+1.36+4.67%2,591,022
ACAIR CANADA12.04+0.10+0.84%2,580,409
SGYSURGE ENERGY INC2.57-0.03-1.15%2,562,579
NANATIONAL BANK OF CANADA45.53+0.78+1.74%2,379,331
ECAENCANA CORP.16.61+0.07+0.42%2,288,439
GTEGRAN TIERRA ENERGY INC.2.82-0.12-4.08%2,051,397
WCPWHITECAP RESOURCES INC11.40+0.20+1.79%2,044,780
PLIPROMETIC LIFE SCIENCES INC1.79+0.08+4.68%2,024,231
SPESPARTAN ENERGY CORP2.62+0.05+1.95%1,984,130
EDVENDEAVOUR MINING CORP0.58-0.04-6.45%1,963,318
BNSBANK OF NOVA SCOTIA63.82+0.04+0.06%1,872,370
PSKPRAIRIESKY ROYALTY LTD25.53+1.08+4.42%1,843,324
CVECENOVUS ENERGY INC.24.39-0.07-0.29%1,805,207
KDXKLONDEX MINES LTD.2.62-0.03-1.13%1,746,501
ARXARC RESOURCES LTD.22.71+0.41+1.84%1,702,904
TBETWIN BUTTE ENERGY LTD.0.70+0.02+2.94%1,669,356
AGIALAMOS GOLD INC.7.50-1.24-14.19%1,649,262
WEFWESTERN FOREST PRODUCTS INC.2.53+0.03+1.20%1,624,362
ATHATHABASCA OIL CORP1.98-0.01-0.50%1,617,494
CMCANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMME92.99-0.01-0.01%1,609,078
DGCDETOUR GOLD CORPORATION12.49-0.28-2.19%1,608,092
CSCAPSTONE MINING CORP.1.23-0.11-8.21%1,548,064
RIORIO ALTO MINING LIMITED3.23-0.23-6.65%1,541,459
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