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Last updated: Oct 24, 2014 16:55 EST
SymbolCompany NameLastChange% ChangeVolume
BBD.BBOMBARDIER INC., CL. B, SV3.83+0.05+1.32%8,225,858
CVECENOVUS ENERGY INC.27.50-0.47-1.68%3,525,992
AGUAGRIUM INC104.33+7.39+7.62%3,193,725
CNQCDN NATURAL RES38.94-0.61-1.54%2,967,887
POTPOTASH CORP OF SASK INC38.14+1.51+4.12%2,922,551
SUSUNCOR ENERGY INC.38.87-0.11-0.28%2,784,953
ECAENCANA CORP.20.63-0.15-0.72%2,678,163
AC.BAIR CANADA, CL.B8.59+0.32+3.87%2,641,749
BTOB2GOLD CORP.2.30-0.02-0.86%2,330,439
GGOLDCORP INC25.01-0.12-0.48%2,223,730
KKINROSS GOLD CORP.3.02-0.05-1.63%2,069,639
SGYSURGE ENERGY INC6.42-0.16-2.43%2,053,760
TDTORONTO-DOMINION BANK54.28-0.14-0.26%2,013,960
RYROYAL BANK OF CANADA79.28-0.03-0.04%1,918,926
SPESPARTAN ENERGY CORP3.20-0.05-1.54%1,897,298
BXEBELLATRIX EXPLORATION LTD5.48-0.24-4.20%1,850,990
FMFIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD18.99-0.28-1.45%1,822,639
WEFWESTERN FOREST PRODUCTS INC.2.31-0.01-0.43%1,811,694
TLMTALISMAN ENERGY INC.7.32-0.23-3.05%1,759,867
MFCMANULIFE FIN20.54+0.13+0.64%1,709,723
TOGTORC OIL AND GAS LTD10.82-0.22-1.99%1,667,303
PWTPENN WEST PETROLEUM LTD.5.34-0.16-2.91%1,579,531
BBBLACKBERRY LIMITED11.51-0.09-0.78%1,545,306
ABXBARRICK GOLD CORPORATION15.18+0.05+0.33%1,494,278
TOUTOURMALINE OIL CORP41.23-1.60-3.74%1,448,648
ATHATHABASCA OIL CORP4.17-0.14-3.25%1,436,045
BNSBANK OF NOVA SCOTIA67.99+0.31+0.46%1,408,545
CPGCRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORP.38.18+0.11+0.29%1,379,740
TXGTOREX GOLD RESOURCES INC1.51-0.04-2.58%1,319,637
LEGLEGACY OIL AND GAS INC5.13-0.10-1.91%1,306,117
TBETWIN BUTTE ENERGY LTD.1.51-0.05-3.21%1,248,855
LSGLAKE SHORE GOLD CORP.1.03-0.05-4.63%1,246,565
TCK.BTeck Resources Limited17.85-0.01-0.06%1,209,182
ELDELDORADO GOLD7.82+0.03+0.39%1,192,223
TCWTRICAN WELL10.50+0.03+0.29%1,190,841
HSEHUSKY ENERGY INC.27.56-0.23-0.83%1,130,232
EFNELEMENT FINANCIAL CORP12.84-0.45-3.39%1,127,003
YRIYAMANA GOLD INC6.31+0.03+0.48%1,126,200
COSCANADIAN OIL SANDS LIMITED17.80-0.18-1.00%1,123,263
CNRCANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY CO.77.27+0.56+0.73%1,118,926
KELKELT EXPLORATION LTD9.97-0.24-2.35%1,100,149
TRPTRANSCANADA CORP.54.31+0.39+0.72%1,069,129
LUNLUNDIN MINING CORP.5.16+0.02+0.39%1,027,985
WCPWHITECAP RESOURCES INC15.27-0.14-0.91%969,367
SLWSILVER WHEATON CORP.22.17+0.01+0.05%961,667
RROMARCO MINERALS INC.0.75-0.01-1.32%947,156
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