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Last updated: May 3, 2016 16:56 EST
SymbolCompany NameLastChange% ChangeVolume
AWGIAmbient Water Corp.0.0020+0.0001+5.26%93.37M
ACTLArtec Global Media Inc.0.0004-0.0001-20.00%52.48M
DCACDaniels Corporate Advisory Co. Inc.0.00010.000.00%45.70M
UOIPUnifiedOnline Inc.0.00010.000.00%16.50M
SOULSoul & Vibe Interactive Inc.0.0002-0.0001-33.33%15.47M
VSYMEView Systems Inc.0.0013+0.0005+62.50%9.06M
FAREEWorld Moto Inc.0.0013-0.0002-13.33%8.51M
PWDYPowerdyne International Inc.0.0007+0.0002+40.00%7.29M
EVTIEEventure Interactive Inc.0.00010.000.00%5.50M
DEACEElite Data Services Inc.0.0040+0.0008+25.00%3.82M
GEQUGlobal Equity International Inc.0.01-0.0010-7.14%2.39M
LBSRLiberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.0.0024-0.0003-11.11%2.25M
REACReal Estate Contacts Inc.0.00010.000.00%1.76M
ARTHArch Therapeutics Inc.0.40-0.04-8.14%1.02M
SLNNSaleen Automotive Inc.0.0003-0.0001-16.67%934,965
CRCUFCanarc Resource Corp.0.08-0.01-12.08%869,552
HVCWHarrison Vickers & Waterman Inc.0.0032-0.0004-11.11%785,400
GLFHGalenfeha Inc.0.05-0.02-29.12%667,700
SBESSouth Beach Spirits Inc.0.0051-0.0002-3.77%507,410
ENIPEndeavor IP Inc.0.0002+0.0001+100.00%503,000
BLPGEBlue Line Protection Group Inc.0.05+0.0031+7.31%371,218
LGYVLegacy Ventures International Inc.0.08+0.0030+3.97%246,472
RGBPRegen BioPharma Inc.0.10+0.0083+9.46%221,910
VOILVirtus Oil & Gas Corp.0.02+0.0006+2.44%137,924
GTHPGuided Therapeutics Inc.0.06+0.0050+9.42%112,825
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