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Last updated: Oct 31, 2014 16:56 EST
SymbolCompany NameLastChange% ChangeVolume
PMCMPrimco Management Inc.0.0002+0.0001+100.00%533.13M
GEIGGEI Global Energy Corp.0.00040.000.00%33.43M
MLCGML Capital Group Inc.0.0025+0.0002+8.70%19.88M
EHOSEhouse Global Inc.0.00030.000.00%17.01M
REACReal Estate Contacts Inc.0.00150.000.00%15.04M
FNMAFannie Mae2.16+0.07+3.35%7.84M
HJOEHangover Joe's Holding Corp.0.0029+0.0003+11.54%7.32M
FMCCFreddie Mac2.06+0.04+1.98%4.57M
APPZMonster Arts Inc.0.00010.000.00%3.96M
BLUUBlue Water Global Group Inc.0.02+0.0025+14.29%3.15M
IDOIIDO Security Inc.0.00040.000.00%2.87M
RCHARich Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.02-0.01-30.23%1.92M
OROEOro East Mining Inc.0.06-0.03-33.44%1.44M
ELTPElite Pharmaceuticals Inc.0.32+0.0025+0.78%877,954
NPWZNeah Power Systems Inc.0.01-0.0012-10.43%828,917
CTSOCytosorbents Corp.0.24-0.0090-3.69%770,102
VSYMView Systems Inc.0.01-0.0004-3.23%742,168
LQMTLiquidmetal Technologies Inc.0.18-0.0002-0.11%672,775
ERFBERF Wireless Inc.0.01-0.0019-11.59%649,805
VOILVirtus Oil & Gas Corp.1.59-0.09-5.36%578,320
SIAFSino Agro Food Inc.0.95+0.01+1.07%551,813
COCPCocrystal Pharma Inc.0.55+0.0050+0.92%550,365
ENIPEndeavor IP Inc.0.02-0.0031-13.48%517,262
MAXDMax Sound Corp.0.10+0.0060+6.38%468,384
ZEROSave the World Air Inc.0.67+0.07+11.68%416,575
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