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Metals Market Commentaries
Monthly Precious Metals Report
(Sep 2017)
Source: ScotiaMocatta
Golds rally is proving to be robust, driven by North Koreas ever more aggressive stance. The dovish Fed and weaker dollar are also underpinning the market.
- Geopolitical tensions over North Korea seem likely to escalate before a solution is found and that should keep interest in Gold strong.
- The funds have already increased exposure significantly, but ETF investors have only recently started to warm to Gold again - will this be enough to prolong the rally? ...Full Story

Gold and copper price survey December 2016
During 2016, volatility of commodity prices has continued. Global economic uncertainty has led to various rises and falls during short periods of time. Brexit, the US election (pre and post) and interest rate expectations are but a few factors contributing to these changes. Price assumptions for mining financial models are critical, therefore finding the balance between optimism and pessimism for forecasting continues to be essential for compaines.
Within this survey summary, we provide a quick and up to date reference of the industry pricing for gold and copper from the eyes of some of the leading companies in the industry. ...Full Story

Gold, silver and copper price report 2015

Gold, silver and copper price report 2014

2013 Global Gold Price Report

2012 Gold Price Report

Forecast 2017
Source: LBMA
Contributors to the 2017 Forecast Survey are bullish across the board for all four metals. Analysts are forecasting that the average gold price in 2017 will be 5.3% higher than the average price in the first half of January 2017. They are slightly more bullish about the prospects for silver prices, with an increase of 7.1%, but less bullish about PGM prices. For platinum, they forecast an increase of 4.9%, but expect a more modest outlook for palladium, with a forecast increase of just 2.4%. ...Full Story

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