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News and Editorials
Jul 29 Western Uranium Corporation (WUC,CSE) Provides Results of Annual General and Special Meeting News
Jul 29 The answer is nuclear News
Jul 28 U3O8 Corp. (UWE,TSX) Announces Changes to its Board of Directors News
Jul 28 Paul Matysek Joins Skyharbour's (SYH,TSXV) Advisory Board News
Jul 28 Cameco (CCo,TSX) Reports Second Quarter Financial Results News
Jul 28 Go nuclear - it is the best way to keep the lights on News
Jul 27 NexGen (NXE,TSX) Discovers New High-Grade A5 Shear Zone at Arrow News
Jul 27 Uranium prices remain below cost of production, recovery is years away News
Jul 26 Cameo Resources (CRU,TSXV) Actively Sourcing New Projects Focusing on Cobalt, Graphite, Uranium, Gold and Lithium News
Jul 26 Mkango (MKA,TSXV) Secures Exclusive Option Over Hydrochloric Acid Regeneration Technology from McGill University, Canada News
Jul 26 Uranium week: some hope News
Jul 26 Uranium imports: a critical dose to step up generation News
Jul 26 Uranium poised for price jump in nuclear power boom News
Jul 25 Ur-Energy (URE,TSX) to Release 2016 Second Quarter Results and Host Webcast and Teleconference News
Jul 25 Six Mining Companies to Watch as M&A Heats Up News
Jul 25 6 Potential Takeover Targets in the Mining Space News
Jul 21 NexGen Energy Ltd. (NXE,TSX) : Assays Confirm New High Grade Discovery in the A1 Shear and the Cannon Area Returns Anomalous Uranium News
Jul 21 UEX Corporation (UEX,TSX) : Christie Lake Joint Venture Agreement Signed News
Jul 21 Uranium price falls to 11-year low News
Jul 20 Paladin Energy Limited (PDN,TSX) : Strategic Process Achieves Agreements to Raise Over US$200M News
JUl 20 India imported 600 tons of uranium from Russia, Canada last year News
Jul 19 NexGen Energy Ltd. (NXE,TSX) : Hole AR-16-81c3 Returns 23.0 m at 17.19% U3O8 including 5.0 m at 49.27% U3O8 including High Grade Gold at the Arrow Deposit News
Jul 19 Appia (API,CSE) Outlines Extensive Anomalies Corresponding With Known Uranium and Rare Earth Mineralization at Its Alces Lake JV News
Jul 19 Skyharbour (SYH,TSXV) Consolidates Its Share Capital on a Four Old for One New Basis News
Jul 19 Denison (DML,TSX) Announces Initiation of Pre-Feasibility Study and Result of First Infill Drill Hole at Wheeler River Gryphon Deposit News
Jul 19 Uranium week; new low News
Jul 18 UEX Corporation (UEX,TSX) : Excellent Heap Leach Potential for Horseshoe and Raven Deposits News
Jul 18 Forum Uranium (FDC,TSXV) Commences Drill Program at Its 100% Owned Karpinka Property Near the Key Lake Mine, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan News
Jul 18 Paladin Energy Limited (PDN,TSX) : Quarterly Activities Report for the Period Ending 30 June 2016 News
Jul 18 Fission (FCU,TSX) Hits 7.1m of >10,000 cps at R1620E; Narrows Gap Between Zones News
Jul 18 1% fall in nuclear's global share expected by 2040 News
Jul 15 China to build offshore nuclear power platforms in South China Sea News
Jul 14 Skyharbour (SYH,TSXV) Increases Financing to $2.25 Million News
Jul 14 Skyharbour (SYH,TSXV) Secures Option to Acquire 100% of Moore Lake Uranium Project From Denison and Announces David Cates to Join Board of Directors News
Jul 14 Ur-Energy (URE,TSX) Provides 2016 Q2 Operational Results News
Jul 14 Denison (DML,TSX) Announces Transaction to Option Moore Lake Property to Skyharbour for Cash and Stock News

Top 15 Producing Uranium Mines (2014)
Name Country tU
McArthur RiverCanada7356
Tortkuduk & MyunkumKazakhstan4322
Olympic DamAustralia3351
Budenovskoye 2Kazakhstan2084
South InkaiKazakhstan2002
Langer HeinrichNamibia1947
Central MynkudukKazakhstan1790
Rabbit LakeCanada1602
Budenovskoye 1,3&4Kazakhstan1594
Southern Moinkum & KhanzhuganKazakhstan1174
Source: World Nuclear Association

Feature Presentation
The Athabasca Basin in Northern Saskatchewan hosts the world's largest and highest grade uranium deposits accounting for 1/3 of the global uranium supply, a figure which is expected to increase significantly by the end of the decade. The Basin has witnessed a rush in claim staking activity since 2004 due to the rise in the price of uranium to about US$40/lb (March 13, 2006). At present, there are more than 30 companies exploring for uranium in the Basin.
Full coverage of the Athabasca Basin

Uranium Sector Reports
by Resource Captial Research

Uranium Market Commentary : Jul 27, 2016 - Fission Uranium: A Look at a Mammoth Uranium Deposit -
Way up in northern Saskatchewan, tucked away behind forests and largely inaccessible by most methods of transportation, is the Athabasca Basin. The region, which covers approximately 100,000 square kilometres in Saskatchewan and a sliver of Alberta, is home to the world's largest source of high-grade uranium. It supplies 20 percent of global production.
While the mining area for high-grade uranium has historically been on the eastern side of the Basin, discoveries on the western side of the basin are growing rapidly. In particular, the outside mark of the Basin has become a hot spot, which leads us to Fission Uranium's (TSX:FCU) Triple R deposit, the only major, high-grade deposit in the region that is potentially open-pittable. ....
Facts (Source: World Nuclear Association)
Uranium is a naturally-occurring element in the Earth's crust. Traces of it occur almost everywhere, although mining takes place in locations where it is naturally concentrated. To make nuclear fuel from the uranium ore requires first for the uranium to be extracted from the rock in which it is found, then enriched in the uranium-235 isotope, before being made into pellets that are loaded into the nuclear fuel assembly.
Uranium mines operate in some twenty countries, though about half of world production comes from just ten mines in six countries, in Canada, Australia, Niger, Kazakhstan, Russia and Namibia.
At conventional mines, the ore goes through a mill where it is first crushed. It is then ground in water to produce a slurry of fine ore particles suspended in the water. The slurry is leached with sulphuric acid to dissolve the uranium oxides, leaving the remaining rock and other minerals undissolved, as mine tailings.
However, nearly half the world's mines now use a mining method called in situ leaching (ISL). This means that the mining is accomplished without any major ground disturbance. Groundwater with a lot of oxygen injected into it is circulated through the uranium ore, extracting the uranium. The solution with dissolved uranium is pumped to the surface.
Both mining methods produce a liquid with uranium dissolved in it. This is filtered and the uranium then separated by ion exchange, precipitated from the solution, filtered and dried to produce a uranium oxide concentrate (U3O8), which is then sealed in drums. This concentrate may be a bright yellow colour, hence known as 'yellowcake', or if dried at high temperatures it is khaki.

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